Lobbying Compliance Automated
Asidero helps organizations automatically capture lobbying activities, track issues & agencies lobbied, and generate reports to simplify lobbying compliance filings.
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Why Asidero?
Minimizes Risk
Asidero simplifies tracking lobbying activity while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
Increases Visibility
Our platform provides centralized monitoring of lobbying activity so teams can stay informed across the organization.
Reduces Workload & Friction
Ease of use reduces the workload burden for lobbyists and managers tracking lobbying activity.
Spreadsheets Are Out. There’s A Better Way.
As the compliance officer, your main focus should be on compliance, not the hassle that comes with aggregating the data.
Automatically capture meetings
Find everything on the platform
Keep deadlines on track
Manage teams efficiently
Automate reminder emails
Run reports on demand
Automatically Capture Meetings
 Find Everything on the Platform
Keep Deadlines on Track
Manage Teams Efficiently
Automate Reminder Emails
Run Reports on Demand
Notable Features
Expenses Paid to Third Parties
Track expenses paid to outside consultants, lobbyists, and trade organizations
Lobbying Activity Archive
Sort lobbying issues, lobbying employees, and agencies lobbied
Customized Configuration
Include specific lingo, metrics, and single sign-ons in your organization’s platform
Dedicated Help Center
Easy access to FAQs, tutorial videos, and our robust customer success team
Interested in learning more about how Asidero can Automate your lobbying compliance process?