Lobbying Compliance Automated
Asidero makes complying with lobby disclosure requirements simple. Automatically capture lobbying activity and generate custom activity reports to simplify lobby compliance filings.
Navigating Reporting requirements Isn't Getting Easier.
Severe Consequences
Violations can result in severe reputational damage, expensive fines, and in some
cases, prison time.
Increased Regulation
Since 2016, more organizations have said it is getting harder to comply with disclosure
Stricter Legal Scrutiny
Over 25,500 disclosure filings have been referred to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for
potential non-compliance.
How Can Asidero Help you?
Minimize Risk
Asidero simplifies tracking lobbying activity and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements. Whether you have an upcoming filing or audit, your organization’s data is secure and at your fingertips.
Increase Visibility
Reporting dashboards provide compliance and management teams with centralized
monitoring of lobbying activity and expenses.
Reduce Workload & Friction
Automated workflows, data collection, and notifications eliminate administrative burden and ensures more accurate reporting and record keeping.
Our Solutions
Minimizes Risk
Asidero simplifies tracking lobbying activity while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Whether you have an audit or quarterly review coming up, all your company’s data is secured on one platform.
Increases Visibility
Asidero provides centralized monitoring of lobbying activity so teams can stay informed across the organization. This will help your teams stay on track and keep them ahead of deadlines.
Reduces Workload & Friction
Ease of use reduces the workload burden for lobbyists and managers tracking lobbying activity. Our platform will give you time back to focus on what’s really important.
Spreadsheets Are Out. There’s A Better Way.
Your focus should be on compliance and risk-management, not administrative hassles.
Everything You Need In One Place
All of your records centrally maintained and managed
Automatically Capture Activity
Capture Any Expense
Customized Reports on Demand
Keep Deadlines On Track
Schedule & customize daily, weekly, or monthly emails
Automate Reminder Emails
Set clear expectations from the start
Automatically Capture Meetings
 Find Everything on the Platform
Manage Teams Efficiently
Run Reports on Demand
More Notable Features
Activity Archive
Granular control to sort, filter, and review current and historic activity
Third-Party Tools
Integrate with third-party expense and invoice management tools
Customized Configuration
Customized to meet your organization’s specific business and technical requirements
Dedicated Help Center
Direct access to a dedicated support representative assigned to your organization’s success
Expenses Paid to Third Parties
Track expenses paid to outside consultants, lobbyists, and trade organizations
Lobbying Activity Archive
Sort lobbying issues, lobbying employees, and agencies lobbied
Customized Configuration
Include specific lingo, metrics, and single sign-ons in your organization’s platform
Dedicated Help Center
Easy access to FAQs, tutorial videos, and our robust customer success team
For Firms & in-house Lobbying Teams
Whether you’re responsible for your organization’s lobby compliance, or manage the filing process for clients, our platform can be customized to your organization’s needs and ecosystem.