How GE Uses Asidero to Establish Audit Trails and Meet Disclosure Requirements

CHALLENGE: GE's lobbying activity spans multiple industries, requiring extensive and rigorous manual processes to meet disclosure requirements.
As a large manufacturing company with work across a diverse set of industries, GE’s Government Affairs & Policy team engages in lobbying activities spanning the spectrum. Acting with transparency is a core GE belief, one that it wanted to extend to its reporting requirements, which initially involved an extensive manual process to collect the necessary information from hundreds of people each quarter. 
"We knew we wanted a technology-driven solution to maintain transparency and a reliable audit trail, while providing our team with a simple and user-friendly process.” 

SOLUTION: Automated system that establishes verifiable audit trails and results in significant time and cost savings.
With Asidero, GE developed a new program that allows it to collect information in real time as it occurs in the normal course of business. Today, the team can automatically capture, track and report lobbying activity in one single platform. The end-to-end solution provides a simple and seamless way to mitigate risk and ensure compliance, significantly increasing productivity across the organization. 

Real-time automated tracking eliminates redundant busy work
Shifting away from an end-of-quarter manual approach to Asidero has allowed GE to collect information in real-time as it occurs in the normal course of business. Asidero’s automated workflows and reporting notifications ensure that employee records are being collected in a timely manner, eliminates “back and forth” emails, provides an as-it-happens audit trail, and ultimately results in significant time-savings for employees. 
“Asidero has an intuitive approach to the process, so we can onboard new employees in 15-minutes. The time they have saved GE has been a total gamechanger.”

Risk reduction with a single source solution
‍Asidero provides GE with visibility into their activity. When questions about activity or expenses arise, the answer can easily be found in just a few clicks. Data dashboards provide GE with simple record management and on-demand report generation ensuring a frictionless filing process for all parties. Custom workflows allow the team to proactively monitor and flag issues, allowing for reliable audit trails and elimination of 11th-hour surprises.

IMPACT: Smarter lobby compliance in a fraction of the time.
GE’s program is recognized as a national leader in disclosure and accountability by the 2021 CPA-Wharton Zicklin Index. 
“Asidero has made our compliance efforts much more efficient. Knowing we have a reliable process has helped us significantly reduce workload collecting and reporting employee time and costs from our large and broadly dispersed team.”

The Team Behind the Platform
Aneet, CEO and co-founder.
Aneet Makin
Chief Executive Officer
Amit, board member.
Amit Mital
Gina Hatchett
Customer Success & Operations