About Asidero

The Asidero Platform was built in response to the lack of an automated lobbying compliance process. Lobbying laws are becoming more complicated, the GAO is conducting more audits than ever before, and violations are being reported to the House & Senate at an increasing rate.

Yet major players in the lobbying arena have left their compliance efforts in the dark ages with manual spreadsheets and filing legally required reports stained with inaccuracy. These types of inefficient patterns leave organizations vulnerable to major financial and reputational risk.

Asidero is a trusted knowledgeable partner in lobbying compliance and risk reduction at a federal and state level for organizations with in-house lobbyists. Whether your organization has 20 teams with 100 lobbyists or 1 team of 8 employees, our platform can be customized to your organization’s needs and ecosystem. Asidero’s number one priority is to make lobbying compliance simplified and automated for your organization.

The Team Behind the Platform
Aneet, CEO and co-founder.
Aneet Makin
Chief Executive Officer
Amit, board member.
Amit Mital
Gina Hatchett
Customer Success & Operations